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Jennifer Ho, Psy.D.


I provide individual psychotherapy for diverse working professionals and aging adults. At whatever stage you are in life, my goal is to help you find greater clarity, cope, and ultimately thrive in the face of life's challenges.


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Lisa Frank MD, MD



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Mindful Transitions, LLC, LCSW

Therapist / Talk Therapy

We bring clinical social work services to you, in your own home.
The clinical team at Mindful Transitions works with older adults who are experiencing mental or emotional distress, and our services are mobile to the client’s home within the Atlanta area. You don’t have to struggle alone.


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Vonetta Dotson, Ph.D.,


Dr. Vonetta Dotson is a neuropsychologist specializing in aging who provides neuropsychological assessment, memory screening, and consultation for older adults.


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Katherine Lou, PsyD


I work with clients with diverse problems, including anxiety, depression, grief, disability, and serious or chronic medical conditions. In addition, I have specialized training in behavioral medicine and geriatric psychology. I have special interest in working with older adults and their families on a variety of later-life issues. Inclusion is a central value to my practice, and I continuously strive to affirm different forms of diversity, such as race, religion, gender identity, and sexuality.

(617) 366-2550

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Rhonda Levy-Larson Ph.D., Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Neuropsychology


I have been practicing over 30 years with a wide variety of clients including older adults. I provide neuropsychological and psychological evaluations and individual psychotherapy. The individuals I worked with include people with traumatic brain injuries, concussion, cognitive impairment, dementia, stroke, other neurological disorders, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders, and behavior problems. I provide a comprehensive assessment with practical recommendations, and value the input of both the client and their family members.


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Regina Koepp,

Neuropsychologist / Assessment

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