Courses and tools to help you…

Address memory and mental health concerns in older adults & get support


Our courses will get you started helping your older loved ones with some of the most challenging situations many older families face.

Driving Retirement Roadmap

The guide to stopping driving and staying independent

Learn exactly how to help your loved one prepare to stop driving, remain independent, and avoid power struggles and arguments along the way

Dementia Diagnosis Blueprint

Your Step-By-Step Guide for Navigating the Dementia Evaluation Process

Worried that your older loved one may have dementia, but not sure where to start, or you continue to hit roadblocks in your dementia evaluation process? This course will give you the tools you need to help you and your loved one navigate the dementia evaluation process and gain clarity about what may be causing memory problems.

Dementia for Beginners

Your step-by step guide for navigating a new diagnosis of dementia

Newly diagnosed with dementia? This course will walk you through what you and your loved one need to know about living with dementia. Having clarity about dementia and how to plan for a full and productive future is essential to optimal quality of life for your loved one and for you.

Caregiving 101

All the tools you need to help your older loved one.

New to caregiving and not sure where to start? This course will give you the tools you need to find resources and gain confidence in helping your older loved one.

Caregiver’s Journey

Navigating role changes with dignity and respect for the person you’re caring for and yourself

Throughout the caregiver’s journey, you will endure many transitions and role changes from wondering, “Am I actually a caregiver” to “What will my life be like when I am no longer a caregiver”. This course will walk you through some of the most common role transitions in caring for older adults and help you to gain clarity and peace of mind along the way.


Our pdf guides, which we call “tools”, will help you and your older loved ones work together and get organized along your health and aging journey.

Essential Documents Workbook

Stop guessing which documents you need. This checklist will help you gather and organize the essential documents needed to care for your older loved one.

Family Health Care Planning Guide

This digital workbook will help you and your older loved one navigate the medical and mental health systems together.