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As geriatric mental health providers, we have a unique skill set that older adults and their families need. In a sea of general mental health providers, it’s important that we distinguish ourselves and make it easier for older adults and their families to find us – like a lighthouse in the storm. 

I’m Dr. Regina Koepp, I’m a Stanford-trained clinical geropsychologist. For close to 20 years, I’ve worked with older adults and their families in some of the largest healthcare systems in the nation, like Stanford, Emory, and the Veterans Health Administration. I’ve experienced first hand, the difficulty of helping older adults and their families find mental health providers trained to help them. 

This has inspired my mission of elevating mental health for older adults by improving access to geriatric mental health providers like you. 

Join me. We’ll elevate mental health for older adults with the ONLY geriatric mental health provider directory in the nation.

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  • Improved access to you and your services by both professionals & older adults, alike
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Let’s talk about the value with these FAQs

Absolutely. If you’d like a unique profile for each member in the practice, or if you’d like to represent multiple locations, complete the solo practice option for each listing.

Psychology Today has a saturated provider market. While it is possible to filter professionals by age, older adults may end up working with professionals who do not have formal training or expertise in geriatric mental health.

CMHA is unique in that our sole purpose is to elevate mental health care for older adults by providing weekly free information about mental health and aging and access to mental health professionals, like you, who specialize in older adults.

Depression and anxiety are the most prevalent mental health conditions among older adults and are highly treatable. These conditions, however, often go undetected and untreated because of the false belief that these conditions are normal in older adulthood- they are not.

With misinformation, biases, and stereotypes about older adults common among mental health and health providers alike, it’s important that mental health professionals working with older adults have an understanding of:

  • What is typical with aging, what is not typical with aging
  • How stigma and ageism affects the physical and mental health of older adults
  • Evidence-based treatments for older adults and their families
  • The importance of mental health management of dementia
  • Helping people with dementia to maintain health, wellness, and purpose
  • Managing the complex medical, pharmacological, mental health, and family needs of older adults
  • Community resources available to older adults and their families.