Help for Older Adults
with Mental Health Concerns

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We're Elevating Mental Health for Older Adults

Our goal is to de-stigmatize mental health and ensure older adults get the mental health care they need. Here’s how we do it. 

Access to mental health providers

We’re improving access to mental health care by building the only nationwide provider directory of licensed mental health providers who specialize with older adults.

Training for Professionals

We provide evidence-based, culturally competent and inclusive, continuing education training to mental health, senior care, and healthcare professionals. This helps to ensure that professionals have specialized training to meet the mental health needs of older adults. 

Consultation for Professionals

We consult directly with mental health, long-term care, and senior care agencies focused on the mental health care of older adults and sexual expression in the context of dementia disorders.

Choose Your Path

Together we’ll elevate mental health for older adults

Join Our Provider Directory

Are you a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or neuropsychologist specializing with older adults? You have a unique skill set older adults and their families need. Join the only geriatric mental health provider directory in the nation.

Training for Professionals

Say good-bye to boring continuing education workshops with our top-rated, evidence-based, culturally competent continuing education workshops for mental health & senior care professionals.

Professional Consultation

We consult directly with mental health, health care, long-term care, and senior care providers and agencies focused on mental health/behavioral health and sexual expression in the context of dementia disorders.

Older adults with a positive view of aging live 7.5 years longer than those with a negative view of aging.

Source: Levy et al (2002)

What Are People Saying?

Dr. Koepp is knowledgeable, suggested practical applications and has her own brand of humor and irreverence that makes for an engaging learning experience. In addition her presentation was polished and professional. I would highly recommend her as a trainer and teacher.”
Nirmala Dhar, LCSW, ACSW
Older Adult Behavioral Health Initiative Project Director, Oregon Health Authority, Health Systems Division
“After attending one of her presentations, Dr. Koepp makes you feel as if any challenge can be conquered or controlled, whether it’s dealing with geriatrics in general or family dynamics with those suffering from dementia.”

Tanesha King-Roland, MSN, RN, CRRN
Geriatric Nurse Manager
“I appreciate the reminder of the importance of intimacy, connection, autonomy, and support across our lifespan. Dr. Koepp uses beautiful examples of the challenges older adults face, and calls us into reflection and action as professionals and humans. I’m better prepared to support the mental and sexual health of older adults because of your workshop!”
Amy C. Bryant, EdS, LPC
Wild Child Counseling
“I’ve had the pleasure of attending several of Dr. Koepp’s workshops and I’m struck by not only her wealth of knowledge, but her delivery on difficult and often emotional topics. She kept me engaged and thoroughly addressed my questions so that I’m able to go back and improve my practice.”
Stella Nelms, PhD
Palliative Care & Pain Psychologist

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