Tracy Joyner,


My name is Tracy Joyner. I am the Member Program Director for the Jud C. Hickey Center for Alzheimer’s Care. The center is specific to individuals that suffer from any form of dementia. Our members are mild to moderate. We focus on cognitive workouts, exercise, and socialization. We are very active all day.  We offer a Brainwork Out four days a week. It includes math, history, science, literature, and english. It is specific to the level that our members are, all of our members leave the brainwork out proud of the work they accomplished. Art and art appreciation are a big part of our week. We enjoy painting or admiring other’s amazing works of art. We also enjoy science projects, presentations, brain games, tai chi, yoga, Zumba, music, and a host of other programs.


Dementia Alzheimer's Parkinsons Lewy Body Frontal Lobe All forms of Demetia

  • Assessment - Brief memory screening
  • Coaching / Consultation - Caregiving
  • Coaching / Consultation - Dementia care

Practice Information

Street Address 1901 Central Ave
City, State Augusta Ga
State(s) of Licensure Not Available
Languages English
Online/Telehealth Yes
In-Person/Office Setting Yes
Home-Based No
Prescribe Medication? No
Website Not Available