Vonetta Dotson, Ph.D.,


I am a neuropsychologist specializing in the assessment of middle-aged to older adults with concerns about their memory and cognitive skills. A neuropsychological assessment, or neuropsychological evaluation, is a way of determining how your brain functions using standardized tests and techniques. My assessments yield information about current strengths and weaknesses in clients’ memory, attention, and other cognitive skills. In this way, I can assist your physician in making diagnoses, assess changes in your functioning over time, and evaluate your ability to perform everyday living skills independently (e.g., working, driving, and managing your affairs).

I provide two types of evaluations:

  • Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations: Most appropriate for clients who have significant concerns about their memory and thinking abilities, this evaluation includes an interview with the client and a family member lasting approximately one hour, during which I gather information about the client’s concerns, medical and psychological history, and background information such as education and work history. The interview is followed by 3-6 hours of memory and cognitive testing, depending on the client’s age and the nature of their concerns. Tests are mostly be in paper-and-pencil format, but a few tests might be on a computer.
  • Brief memory screenings: These are “check-ups” for clients who would like to have a broad overview of their cognitive status but do not have major memory or cognitive concerns. As we grow older, this type of screening can help to identify and treat memory and cognitive problems before they become more severe. I spend approximately 30-45 minutes interviewing the client and a family member to gather brief information about any cognitive concerns, medical and psychological history, and background information such as education and work history. I then spend approximately one hour of testing that will help me identify any areas that might require more detailed assessment. This type of screening can be repeated over time to track changes in thinking abilities over the years.

For both types of evaluations, clients will attend a second session during which they will receive feedback on the results of the assessment and a copy of the report that summarizes the evaluation. I provide detailed recommendations for medical and psychological follow-up as needed. I also provide educational information about brain-healthy behaviors and resources to achieve a brain-healthy lifestyle.

My neuropsychological assessments are just one of the services offered through CerebroFit Integrated Brain Health. Our company provides a unique opportunity for clients to not only receive a neuropsychological assessment, but to also receive science-based services that can promote brain health, such as personal training, nutrition consultation, psychotherapy, and health coaching.
Contact us if you are concerned about your memory or thinking skills, or if you are interested in starting and maintaining a brain healthy lifestyle. We are here to help!


neuropsychology; geropsychology

  • Assessment - Brief memory screening
  • Assessment - Capacity: Financial Decision Making
  • Assessment - Capacity: Independent Living
  • Assessment - Capacity: Medical Decision Making
  • Assessment - Neuropsychological (e.g., formal dementia evaluation)
  • Therapy - Individual

Practice Information

Street Address 10 N Clarendon Ave, STE B
City, State Avondale Estates, GA
State(s) of Licensure Georgia
Languages English
Online/Telehealth Yes
In-Person/Office Setting Yes
Home-Based No
Prescribe Medication? No
Website https://cerebrofit.org/