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Scared During COVID-19? Look for the Good!

March 25, 2020

With cities across the nation facing lock-down and Coronavirus rates increasing, people are experiencing higher rates of fear and anxiety.

To add to the tension, we’ve been separated from our broader support networks due to social distancing, like places of worship, senior centers, and adult day programs.

And don’t even get me started on economic concerns. Last week my recently retired friend told me that she emailed her former employer asking for work opportunities due to concerns about how the drop in the stock market is affecting her retirement planning.

This is a scary and uncertain time for us all.

When we’re scared and uncertain, it can help to spend a little time “looking for the good”.

I’m devoting this week’s blog to a few of the good things happening in society that warm my heart and remind me of the connection that I have to the greater good in humanity – see this as looking for the good in the greater good.


5 *Good* Things That Are Helping Me To Find Comfort and Connection This Week



1. Feel-Good Stories

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll see that I share feel good stories about older adults and their families during COVID-19. You know. Stories of family members (safely) visiting their loved ones in residential settings: Like a young couple presenting their newborn to the grandfather on the other side of his apartment window, or a granddaughter sharing her new engagement ring, or a son having a daily chat outside his dad’s window.


If we spend a little time looking for the good, we’ll find it!


So head on over to my Facebook page and get caught up on some of my favorite feel good family stories.  While you’re there, give it a “like” or a “follow” so you never miss a feel-good story again!


2. A Good Message

This vibrant older Italian grandma (or should I say “nonna”) shares important messages about Coronavirus, discrimination, and who is qualified to give medical advice. Her personality and humor are equally compelling and will leave you warmer, fuzzier, and smarter.




3. Good Deeds

My heart jumped for joy when major store chains like Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Publix, and many others designated certain hours of the week just for older adults.



Here’s a list of stores that NPR put together. If you’re wondering if there are hours for older adults in the stores near you, simply google or call them up.


4. Good Support for Our Healthcare Workers

If you’ve turned on social media for one second, you have probably seen images of healthcare providers with surgical face masks holding signs encouraging self-quarantine or social distancing. Signs that read, “we stay here for you, please stay home for us!”

I work in a busy medical center and have lots of friends working overtime and putting their own safety at risk on a daily basis. Go to any social media outlet and in a matter of seconds you will see an outpouring of love and solidarity for our healthcare providers. This makes me so proud and grateful that our society is giving universal support to our healthcare workers!



5. A Good Laugh

Looking for a little humor to brighten your day? Have you ever heard of National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma? Neither have I. But, it’s blowing up the internet thanks to Tim.

Tim is the head of the museum’s security team and was put in charge of social media when the museum closed last week due to COVID-19. Each of his tweet’s are filled with unintentional humor as he’s new to Twitter.

Check out Tim’s tweets at the National Cowboy Museum here! Scroll down to this tweet starting at March 17 and work your way to the top! You won’t be disappointed.



Now it’s Your Turn!

When you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, take some time to look for the good in the world and come up with your own list of 5 items that are warming your heart lately and giving you a sense of comfort and connection.

Psst: If you can’t come up with 5, start with 3. If you’re struggling to find 3, start with one. 


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